Schibsted invests in soundtech startup

29.09.2022 - RADIONYTT.NO - Kyrre Dahl

Nomono develops a hardware and software solution for simpler, less time-consuming and better productions of podcasts and other media recordings.

Photo: Nomono/Schibsted

The company has a patented solution where the physical recording equipment is combined with software in the cloud.

With Schibsted Ventures on board on the ownership side, the company will also focus on collaborations within Schibsted.

“It is of course a great advantage for us to be backed by Schibsted, which is globally recognized for the production and distribution of news, podcasts and information in several different media platforms. The additional funding, in the current economic climate, is a huge opportunity to continue our growth and shows that there is confidence in our team,” says Jonas Rinde, CEO and co-founder, Nomono.

Nomono’s cloud solution includes a solution that removes background noise, reduces post-processing time and is expected to bring great benefits to anyone working in audio production.

“The optimization takes place automatically, which greatly simplifies the editing. With Nomono’s product, it is very easy to record high-quality sound,” continues Jonas Rinde.

Audio is a powerful tool in all journalism, but recording good audio is still time-consuming and complicated. Nomono’s product facilitates the everyday life of the media industry. Schibsted Ventures has followed Nomono and the company’s product development for some time.

“Schibsted has tested the product in our own podcast productions and we believe that the company has great potential to change the industry. Succeeding in hardware is difficult, but Nomono’s team has the experience and knowledge to succeed. We also look forward to contributing in the long term in strategic partnerships, marketing and expansion,” says Richard Sandenskog, investment director, Schibsted Ventures.

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